Working toward a more perfect humanity

Stay engage and change lives in our Global Community.

How We Work

Our Goal
Our goal in the fullness of time is to ultimately strengthen our local partners to better serve their own communities.
In Collaboration
With local volunteers, organizations, and partners to create economic opportunities, improve quality of life, public health
By Inspiring
We inspire, empower, and connect local organizations or individuals to engage in service to others and to their communities.
With Volunteers
Our volunteers make a valued and crucial contribution to our work. They are a valuable resource to our success.
Development Initiatives
We envision a world without poverty where each community shares the benefits of opportunities and growth.
Strategic Partnership
In strategic partnership to promote effective policies, and visibility of issues critical to our global community.

You Can Make A Difference

Become An Ambassador
Become An Ambassador
To help people live healthier and more productive lives, we strive to listen and to understand the challenges, learn and identify the more pressing problems they face. We then seek ways, opportunities, and resources available to attend to those issues in collaboration with the communities affected, and with our strategic partners around the world.
Financial Responsibility
We keep costs down. the fact is that 93% of our total operating expenses were used for programs that benefit children, families, and communities in need around the world.


We empower communities so that progress is sustained, and continued. When diverse groups of people gather resources in the spirit of true partnership, transformative ideas emerge to bring life-changing solutions.
Financial Accountability
Your contributions are vital to the our work and we keep our overhead low, 2% Fundraising and 5% Management. We provide financial statements and reports to our donors.


Our goals cannot be achieved on our own. We seek partnership with businesses, government, local organizations, and local leaders, and each party plays a pivotal role in achieving those goals.
We Are Putting People First

We Are Putting People First

Over 700 million people in our world currently live in extreme poverty. With collective action, we can change this. Let’s Get to Work. defeat Poverty and Inequities.
Thanks To Our Volunteers

Thanks To Our Volunteers

Your support empowered communities, provide clean water, education and food across the world. You time is priceless. Your love is unmeasurable.  Thank you Hero.
Making An Impact Together

Making An Impact Together

Ubuntu Global Initiatives has two main goals, to help end extreme poverty and promote shared prosperity in a sustainable manner. We can make an Impact Together.